Hot Air Stirling Motor GT04

Stirling Motor GT04
This model is mounted onto a ground plane, having a large, transparent flywheel and a hardened steel crankshaft with ball bearings. Both cylinder and displacing pistons consist of hear resistant specially designated glass. The connecting rod and crank are made of wear-resistant plastic.

Accessories Included with Your Order:       
Ground plane: 300 x 220 mm
Flywheel: Ø 140 mm
Spirit Lamp with Adjustable Wick
Motor/Generator Unit with Belt

Technical Data:
Performance of the Motor: ca. 1.5 W
Rotations per Minute without Resistance: ca. 1000/min
Volume: 32 cm³ … 44 cm³

Motor/Generator Unit
Unit transforms mechanical energy from the Stirling motor into electrical energy, whereby a light bulb (E 10 socket) is illuminated via an electrical conduction box (max. 12 V), and the operation of the Stirling motors as a heat pump or as cryopump (with belt).

Displacement Cylinder (for School Design, note price difference)
The determination of the operating temperature and the temperature difference with two Instrumentation Supports with bored holes (Ø 1 mm) for the mounting of thermal detection elements.


Unassembled Set of Parts for the GT04 Stirling Motor


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Assembled GT04 Stirling Motor


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